A sprinkler system is more than just a tool to keep your lawn looking amazing. It is a mechanical system and mechanical items need regular preventive maintenance to keep them in good working condition. If your system isn’t working properly, there are some common lawn sprinkler problems that can be identified and fixed.

Clearwater Irrigation by Landsburg Landscaping are experts in all things involving your sprinkler system and can investigate and determine the issue and keep your lawn lush and green.

What are common lawn sprinkler problems?

1 – Damaged Pipes

Make sure that you check for damaged or cracked pipes. An indication of this would be a gradual drop in pressure aka the flow rate will be poor or pools of water around the lawn. Most residential sprinkler systems are made from PVC, regular exposure to pressure could start to slowly crack the pipes.

Did you know that large roots, such as trees roots, can cause damage to your sprinkler system? There are large trees in and around Barrie, it is easy to see how this could create physical pressure on your system. Another way that this can happen is a car regularly going over the ground under which the pipes are located. The compaction and downward push could bend, distort, crack or, worst case, eventually break the underground pipes.

We are lucky to have all four seasons in the Orillia area but this can mean that pipes could also crack due to wide variations in ground temperature. We may love those hot, hot days but extreme heat causes the soil to expand slightly while the severe cold can cause pipes to contract. Once you identify where the problem is, dig up the area around the pipe, cut it and then replace it with a new piece.

If you do need to cut and replace the underground pipes, Clearwater Irrigation offers repair and maintenance services for these situations.

2 – Water Pressure

Most rotator and spray heads are designed to work at their best capacity at about 30 psi. When the pressure is lower, the sprinkler radius spray will be lowered and this means that you may need to place the heads closer together to cover the area that you need.

Low water flow or pressure could be due to a number of reasons:

  • a faulty valve at the backflow device,
  • broken pipe or
  • problem with the sprinkler system pump.

Watch your sprinkler system for any one of these common lawn sprinkler problems to save time and money.

3 – Clogged Sprinkler Heads

With an underground sprinkler system, clogged sprinkler heads are one of the most common problems. Yard debris can easily block a sprinkler head. How to tell if you have a clogged sprinkler head? They ten to spray interrupted, uneven or nonexistent. They leak too.

Quick tip – if the sprinkler head is only partially clogged, you can use a paper clip or piece of stiff wire to clear the hole.

4 – Broken Sprinkler Heads

There are a few reasons that you could have broken sprinkler heads. This could be due to mower blades or edging tools hitting and damaging the sprinkler heads or a single sprinkler head. They are designed as pop-up sprinklers when the system turns on and to retract when it stops. Replacing a sprinkler head is fairly easy. Just simply unscrew the head or stem, remove it, and screw in a replacement.

5 – Sprinklers Angles

Sprinkler heads that sit too high above the ground are vulnerable to damage. This is ONE of the most common reasons for broken sprinkler heads. This can be fixed by placing the sprinkler head deeper into the ground. Carefully remove the head from the group and dig a deeper hole so that the head only sits around half an inch above the ground.

Quick tip – Are you experiencing problems with over-spraying? Did you know that you can reduce the water pressure by turning the screw clockwise? Intuitively, turning the screw counterclockwise should lead to higher water pressure.

6 – Stuck Valves

If your sprinkler valve aka water valve is stuck, your sprinklers will continue running after they’re supposed to shut off. Home sprinkler systems typically have two valves—one at each end.

Let our qualified Irrigation Professional answer all of your questions about common lawn sprinkler problems.

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