Expert Sprinkler System Installation and Service In Orillia, ON

Clearwater Irrigation offers high-quality sprinkler system and irrigation services to both residential and commercial customers in Orillia and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in providing comprehensive irrigation solutions that ensure your lawn and landscape remain lush and healthy. Whether you need a new sprinkler system installation or repair and maintenance for your existing system, our team of experts is here to help.

Could not be happier with the service we receive from Chris. Professional, responsive and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!

Dave James

Chris is one of the better local contractors, he has professional equipment and can get the job done.

Robert Sullivan

Very pleased with response and excellent timely service. Can not imagine not using their services going forward.

Kevin Dougall

Our Sprinkler System Services in Orillia, ON

Sprinkler Installation

Our professional sprinkler installation service ensures that your lawn receives the right amount of water efficiently. We design and install custom irrigation systems tailored to your landscape’s specific needs, ensuring optimal water distribution and conservation.

Repair & Maintenance

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your sprinkler system. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle all types of sprinkler repairs and maintenance tasks, from fixing leaks to adjusting sprinkler heads, ensuring your system operates flawlessly.

Spring Start Up

Prepare your irrigation system for the growing season with our comprehensive spring start-up service. We inspect and test your system to make sure it’s ready to deliver peak performance, allowing your lawn to thrive as soon as the weather warms up.


Protect your irrigation system from freezing temperatures with our professional winterization service. We thoroughly drain and shut down your system to prevent damage during the cold months, ensuring it’s ready to be reactivated in the spring.

Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor spaces with our landscape lighting services. We design and install custom lighting solutions that highlight your landscape’s best features and provide illumination for nighttime enjoyment and security.

The Benefits of Professional Sprinkler System Installation and Service In Orillia by Clearwater Irrigation

We have the right tools

At Clearwater Irrigation, we use the latest tools and technology to ensure the highest quality of service. Our advanced equipment allows us to install and maintain your sprinkler system efficiently and effectively. You don’t need to worry about standing around to water your lawn!


With years of experience in the irrigation industry, our team has the expertise to handle any project, big or small. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and achieving outstanding results for our clients.
Our clients include residential, cottages, commercial and industrial properties, nursing homes, condominium complexes, schools, and athletic sports fields.

Saves Your Money

We understand that being a homeowner is costly. Our automated sprinkler systems are designed to precisely control water distribution, preventing both over-watering and under-watering. This ensures that each area of your lawn receives the exact amount of water it needs to thrive, promoting healthier plant growth and a more vibrant landscape.

Limits Your Stress

By choosing Clearwater Irrigation, you can rest easy knowing that your sprinkler system is in capable hands. Our professional services save you time and effort, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, well-maintained lawn without the hassle.

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