Clearwater Irrigation has tried to help our visitors by offering tips on how to winterize, open and properly use an at-home irrigation system, but how does water irrigation work? Water irrigation systems all have the same three basic components.

  • Pump
  • Pipes
  • Method of Irrigation

Different types of irrigation systems have their own individual bells and whistles such as unique timers, differences in pipes and different forms of sprinklers. All of these components can be customized to best suit your individual budget and needs. At Clearwater Irrigation, we work with property owners through the experience to offer the most professional irrigation service possible. 

Parts of an Irrigation System


The pump is the heart of an at-home irrigation system. The pump is responsible for pressurizing the system  The buildup of water pressure is what forces the sprinklers to open and disperse water throughout your yard. The size of the pump necessary is dependent on the number of pipes used for your system. The more pipe and sprinklers used in your irrigation system, the larger the pump required.

The pump pulls its water from the primary pipe attached to the main water supply line to your house and disperses the water through the secondary pipes to the lateral pipes leading to the sprinklers. This action is the most important component of an irrigation system. Without a pump, you do not have enough pressure to properly irrigate your entire lawn. 


The pipes are the veins of the sprinkler system. They carry the flow of water from the pump to the forms of irrigation. Different types of irrigation systems will have different water flow requirements based on the number of irrigation methods and the distance of pipes used. The more sources of irrigation and pipes involved the stronger the pump or size of pipes may differ.

Method of Irrigation

There are several irrigation sources a system can utilize to best meet your lawn’s needs. There are two main types of irrigation used:

  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation

Some systems can utilize both of these methods depending on your individual needs. 

Sprinkler Irrigation

A sprinkler system uses sprinkler heads to force water to a large area. This is the most iconic method of irrigation and the one most commonly envisioned when you think about an irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation is best suited for watering larger areas of a yard. 

There are a variety of sprinkler heads available that can be used in a sprinkler system. Each different sprinkler can cover different size areas. Speak with an irrigation professional to determine which sprinklers are best for you. 

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are better suited for targeted watering. They use a small pipe with holes to slowly water plants and avoid water loss to areas without vegetation. Drip systems are not useful in watering an entire yard. They are designed for shrubs, flowers and gardens. 

Timers and Schedules

Now that you understand the different components and how they all work together, we need to talk about what makes them tick. Pumps are controlled either manually or by a timer. Manual pumps require you to open the control valves each day to release water from pipes. Timers can be set to automatically turn your sprinkler system on and off. The length you should run your irrigation system depends on the amounts of water your lawn needs. You should adjust your time based on the health of your lawn. 

How to Pick the Right Irrigation System

The main questions to consider when looking at sprinkler irrigation systems are your budget and the reputation of the system you want to buy. Like every major purchase, it is important to do your research to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Clearwater Irrigation offers quality products we vouch for make sure you are getting the best products available. We use our experience to test and maintain the systems we offer so we know our products meet the same quality we expect in our service. 

Clearwater Irrigation by Landsburg Landscaping is an experienced irrigation professional and ready to help you with your lawn sprinkler system needs. Whether you are installing a new system, getting ready to open a sprinkler system in Spring, or need to repair your current one, The Clearwater Irrigation team is ready to be at your, and your lawns’, service. Contact us today and have your lawn happy and healthy throughout the warm season!