How to Tell My Lawn Irrigation System Needs Repair?

Summer has come and it is the peak time for our lawn irrigation systems to be working properly. Irrigation system repair is necessary for a fully functioning system. Sprinkler systems are open to a variety of issues throughout the system. Learning to notice and diagnose these problems can save your healthy lawn and money. Some key signs your lawn irrigation system needs repair are:

  • Uneven Watering
  • Inconsistent Sprinklers
  • Low Water Pressure
  • High Utility Bills
  • Failing Valves

Clearwater Irrigation offers a professional irrigation system repair service for both residential and commercial irrigation systems. We hope this article helps you to notice any warning signs before they turn into an expensive repair.

Uneven Watering

Efficient sprinkler systems need to evenly disperse water coverage for your entire lawn. Uneven watering can lead to pools of water or dry patches, either of which is not healthy. Issues uneven watering can come from multiple issues:

  • Faulty Sprinkler Heads
  • Damaged Irrigation Pipes
  • Broken or Leaking Washers

Irrigation repair for minor issues is an easy fix you can do yourself with the proper tools and knowledge of the specific issue. Taking the time to observe your lawn is the best tool for recognizing and diagnosing any irrigation issues.

Inconsistent Sprinklers

Sprinkler heads are the most vulnerable pieces of your modern irrigation system. They are prone to misalignment, clogged heads or even completely breaking off. An above-ground sprinkler unit is the easiest to repair and inspect for damage. If you notice any possible issues, a closer look is easy and light on labour.

A sprinkler unit stays above ground so therefore it is possible to be misaligned by human error or environmental debris. A misaligned sprinkler will cause water waste from the resulting damage. After inspecting a suspected damaged sprinkler, physically realigning the sprinkler is possible.

Clogged heads can prevent your sprinkler from distributing water. Mostly commonly debris clogs sprinklers. Grass clippings or dirt buildup will block the sprinkler eye. A clogged head is the simplest issue to repair. Use a needle to gently scape the eye to remove any debris.

Worst case scenario is your sprinkler head completely breaking off. Damages of this severity should be handled by professional irrigation repair services.

Low Water Pressure

Notice your water pressure is not what it used to be? This obvious sign is a major problem that needs to be immediately remedied. A leak is a likely culprit that will have major effects on your water consumption. Inspect your lawn for any pooling water as signs of a leak in your underground irrigation pipes. If you cannot find an apparent leak, there are a variety of other problems that could be affecting your water pressure.

  • Pressure Regulators
  • Control Valves
  • Other Pipe Damage Not Associated with Your Irrigation System

Due to the complexity of low water pressure, contacting a lawn sprinkler repair service is strongly recommended.

High Utility Bills

Even if you do not notice any apparent issues with your ground irrigation system, there are other ways to discover possible issues. High utility bills are the direct result of water waste. A water leak is a likely suspect if the difference is a large amount. Smaller differences in utility bills could be simple problems such as leaking sprinkler heads or your system overwatering. Properly inspect your system for any issues.

Failing Valves

Control valves are the core of your watering system They open to allow for water dispersion and close to stop water from entering your system. Problems with these can be systemic if located close enough to your central system. You may notice a section or your yard’s sprinkler not functioning at the same time as the others or running longer than normal. These signs could demonstrate an issue with a control valve. It is best to try and locate the specific valve for replacement or repair.

Clearwater Irrigation by Landsburg Landscaping is experienced irrigation professionals and ready to help you with your lawn sprinkler system needs. Whether you are installing a new system, getting ready to open a sprinkler system in Spring, or need to repair your current one, The Clearwater Irrigation team is ready to be at your, and your lawns’, service. Contact us today and have your lawn happy and healthy throughout the warm season!